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Salesforce GROUP BY

We have a data source connection to Salesforce. The "Delegate GROUP BY" is enabled. After creating a base view to a Salesforce API, we are able to query data from the from API appropriately. When we attempt a simple GROUP BY with a limit of 10 records...

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Excel Data Source: Is it possible to create a view on a directory containing the excel files?

Is it possible to create an excel data source based on a directory of files versus an individual file? If so, how would you configure this?

Excel Data Source Mulitple Files


Error creating share point excel data source connection

Getting the following error while creating a sharepoint excel data source connection in Denodo. Authentication is using OAuth 2.0 "Error while executing custom wrapper method 'getSchemaParameters': Cannot establish the connection"

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Inactivate data source connection during a specific time daily

Is there any possibility to inactivate a data source connection automatically during certain times daily?

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Source table

How can i get the list of tables in the source (the source has already connected to Denodo) ?

Data Source table


List of Datasource

Hi team, I have to list out all the Data Sources which are present in my Design Studio. Along with name , I need other detzails as well like connection string username etc. Can you please tell me how to get this list. Is there any table or procedure ...

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Add Excel sheet uploaded in SharePoint as Data source in Denodo

We want to add excel sheet uploaded in SharePoint as data source. Does it require a VDP server connection to the internet? how we can create it ?

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How to create a Data Source for accessing web app output via RESTful API?

Is there a way to create a Data Source for accessing the output (JSON format) of a web application via application provided RESTful API (e.g.

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Struggling to connect to SharePoint List via RSS (Unable to establish connection: Circular redirect to xxx)

Hello, I'm attempting to create a data source to a SharePoint list in Denodo Design Studio for a requirement in my project. However, I am struggling to establish a connection using either method, both OData and RSS. Reading through the requirements for...

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Error saving datasource: SourceTypes (arn, custom, df, gs, itp, jdbc, json, odbc, ws, xml, excel, saperp, sapbw, olap, essbase, sapbwbapi, salesforce) are limited to 0 but 1 are found

Hello denodo developers, while creating a jdbc data source I came across this error. I can test the connection successfully but when I want to save it this error pops up. I am using the SOL license.

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