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Denodo Scheduler - Deadlock issue in Derby DB

Saw Denodo Scheduler Job failure because of the locking issue. Any workaround or Denod updates available to address this issue? Error: A lock could not be obtained due to a deadlock, cycle of locks and waiters is: Lock : ROW, SCHED_ELEMENTS, (253,8) W...



ERROR: Deadlock Detected - Does Denodo have any workarounds for error?

Hello, When we run views based on Greenplum/Postgresql we receive the ERROR: Deadlock Detected. In some cases we can resolve this issue by rearranging the logic/ordering of our views; however in many cases such an option is not feasible because the log...

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VQL equivalent for T-SQL "WITH (NOLOCK)"

Our DBA claims that the Denodo view is causing DEADLOCKs on the SQL Server. They recommended us to pass the query to SQL Server with the "WITH (NOLOCK)" option. Is this possible with Denodo views? If yes, please provide specific example. Btw, the SQL...

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