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My base views are not appearing when I am searching my data catalog

Once I have syncronized my data with the Data Catalog from the VDP server, how to I get it to appear in search results? I have synched my data from the VDP and it is appearing in the Element Management page. When I search for the views in the catalogue...

Base view synchonization


A synchronize error has been found

While creating a base view from database I'm getting this error "A synchronize error has been found"

database Denodo 6.0 Error synchonization


Synchronization problem between Denodo nodes in Denodo cluster architecture.

We are using cluster architecture with multiple nodes of Denodo 5.5(Version Update 20161024) with common cache database in our production environment. Problem statement: In cluster architecture, when user connects Denodo and suppose load balancer redi...

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