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Passing arrays to custom functions as parrameters

Hi, I was trying to acheive a function with signature as, public Double actualPremiumOrAcqExpOrNonDirExpCalcYearly(Double[] val1, Integer val2, Double val3) But I am not getting any luck to acheive this. Is it possible to pass a combination of parame...

VDP java code DENODO Custom Functions


Can I install a Denodo Express and a Denodo Standard on a same machine

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to install on a same machine Denodo Express and Denodo Standard (licensed) editions? I guess that if only one edition is running this is not an issue, can someone confirm? Thanks and regards, Sérgio

Denodo Denodo Express install License


Denodo Capabilities on SharePoint Platform.

I was trying to understand what are Denodo’s capabilities with SharePoint on prem/O365. What are the benefits customer can achieve with Denodo layer on SharePoint.

DENODO Sharepoint


Cannot Connect to Denodo using JDBC via Mulesoft code

Hi All, We are trying to figure out this issue since long but no help. I am trying to connect to Denodo via JDBC from my Mulesoft code (Anypoint Studio) on my desktop but always getting connection timeout. URL: jdbc:vdb://${}:${denodo.por...

Denodo VDB Connection Time out Connection JDBC


Pass and access arrays in VDP function

Hi, i am sorry to repeat thhis question, but with a slight modification. I have wrote a custome function (VDP function through annotation methodology ) and I would like to pass an array of double values to the function. But when I import the extension...

Denodo VDP API users Custom Functions


Datatype Issue while creating a base view from SQL Server

I have a table in Sql server with a column of date datatype. For this instance : Create table table_name ( dob date ) ; I have created base view on top of this table. But in base view, datatype of dob as text datatype in denodo which is not expected...

DENODO MSSQL SQLServer sql server datatypes Date


How Homeland Security and Defense department is utilizing the Denodo?

I would like to know how Homeland Security and Defense department is utilizing Denodo? Please provide a white paper if you have. Thanks



Denodo , Stored Procedures, & Insert Updates

Have a questions, Why we need store procedures and insert update operations in Data Virtualization tool.

Stored Procedures DENODO Insert Operation


Pivoting Denodo View Results

I have a SQL server procedure that pivots a table with unknown number of rows and these number of rows can be dynamic and change throughout the day; I have created a view to replace the sql server table but now I need to replicate or replace the stored...

Denodo 6.0 Pivot custom wrapper View


Lookup - Informatica PowerCenter

I hear regular complaints from my ETL team that Denodo Views selected as lookup is not performing well, they had to move it as source qualifier. Do you have any recomendataions on this before i get more details from my team.

lookup DENODO Informatica