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QueryTimeout on DB2 Datasource Level

I would like to setup the querytimeout on DB2 datasource connection string. I don't want to do it on server level. The below example for sqlserver , which is working jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=iqzdemo;queryTimeout=0; But for...

JDBC query QueryTimeout


Getting Source Tables and Columns of a Datasource through Query

Hi Denodo team, Are there any queries to get all the tables in the datasource and also columns in a datasource for a specified table. I have seen that GET_SOURCE_TABLE() procedure is giving table but it takes view name as a parameter,but I don't want t...

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Unable to Query views with individual columns in select query

Hi Denodo team, I am trying to query a view with its individual columns in the select query but it is failing to fetch the result and throwing the below error. Finished with error: Error in select view conditions: Field not found 'view_name.column_name...



Retrieving Lineage of views

Hi Denodo team, I want to retrieve lineage of a view and its columns through query. Like if give a view name to query it should fetch its relative views.In similar way for its columns.Please help me with this.

JDBC query data lineage #Data Lineage Lineage


How can we display the data of multi queries/views in multiple table formats using REST in VDP?

I want to display data in multiple table formats from different quries. Below is the format i needed in browser using REST api. Customer Name Customer Number Gogly 1456 Product Name Product ID HR 10 Payroll 11 But when i use, joins it is giving like ...

JDBC query VDP Joining of Two Rest API DataSources Data


How do I pull all records from the past two days?

What is the best way to pull all records from the past two days? Here is what I currently have and it does not work: select * from table_1 where creation_date between CURRENT_DATE and Subtract(CURRENT_DATE(), 2)

JDBC query QueryOptimization


Issue with fields with the new Denodo 6 version through JDBC

We tackled a new error, after update to the last Denodo 6 version (from January 2017). we get an exception from : com.denodo.vdb.engine.wrapper.raw.jdbc.JDBCAccess [] - Error creating new metavalue the next line of the exception is : com.denodo.vdb.en...

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