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Import Materialized View Data Lineage in Denodo

We would like to import an Oracle MV dependencies into Denodo, do we have an design option here Below will give all the underlying references of the MV, and we wanted to import those underlying tables/views and associate to the final view, so that we ...

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Need to show Denodo Data Lineage in Talend Data Catalog's data Thanks.

Need to show Denodo Data Lineage in Talend Data Catalog's data Thanks. What are needed to be done at both sides? Which parts are manual, which parts auto (prefered)? Goal: Talend is our central governance tool.

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Hi everyone, I would know if there's a way to retrieve the data lineage of views when you use an external DB for the data catalog metadata. If it is not possible, there's at least a fast and easy way to create and store a view with these information...

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Can I return join conditions and filter conditions programmatically?

For example, I can use a predefined stored procedure such as column dependencies to get a field calculation expression. Are there are any stored procedures that provide access to the join conditions and where clause conditions in the dependencies of a ...

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Retrieving Lineage of views

Hi Denodo team, I want to retrieve lineage of a view and its columns through query. Like if give a view name to query it should fetch its relative views.In similar way for its columns.Please help me with this.

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Data Lineage metadata extraction and its graphical representation

I understand denodo provide certain predefined views to expose metadata. Couple of those views expose data lineage information. But do you expect the consuming application to build the graphical representation themselves or do you also provide some sup...

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