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How does Denodo S3ParquetFileWrapper exactly work?

We are investigating about using Parquet files as data source for an upcoming service and see that Denodo can handle those files using the HDFS Custom wrapper that connects to S3. Since the query performance for parquet files is well known and better t...

HDFSCustomWrapper; S3 parquet file


Denodo unable to fetch all the records for an entity which contains different Schemas file extensions for the parquet files from S3

Hello, I tried to create a base with file pattern (.) for the parquet file entity/table in s3 region. Then, when i excute the count query to fetch all the recodrs in the entity.I could able to get the below mentioned error. Finished with error: Error ...

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Java Heap Size

I downloaded the HDFS custom wrapper, and when I try to import it into the VDP, it throws JAVA heap size error. Then from control center when i tried changing the JVM settings from default 1024 to 2048, VDP is not starting, but when i change it back t...

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Not able to load S3 file with HDFSCustomWrapper

Hi all: I am trying to load an csv file from AWS S3, but i get an access error. Access & SecrectKey are assigned and with grant read and access permissions. So, I have some doubts about if S3 file need to have any special config. File access i...

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