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Core-Site Properties on Revision

On dev environment we have created few base views using s3 as a source and We would like to deploy on prod environment using revision.I have created revision and choosen respective base view files and data source.While validating revision, I could see ...

S3 input filter in core-site.xml PROPERTIES


Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815

We have upgraded to Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815 Wed design studio we could see "S3" listing under Data Route option while I am trying to add datasource as "excel" But the same is not listing on Virtual Dataport Administration Tool Thanks

S3 Excel excel data source


How to schedule a CSV export to S3?

Is there a way to schedule a CSV export to AWS S3 location? Any example

S3 Export


How to get the most recent file from data source AWS S3?

I'm using Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper. On S3, we have a file gets generated weekly with a full dump of data. So is there a best way to always get the most recent file whenever requested? Also is there a date range supported using cust...

S3 Bulk Data Load


joining multiple base view error via custom wrapper parquet file in S3.

Hi Team, I am getting below error while creating the derived view from joining multiple base view. Accessing the AWS S3 bucket data source from custom wrapper parquet file in S3. [CUSTOM WRAPPER] [ERROR] Received exception with message 'Error accessi...

S3 parquet file DENODO AWS S3 derived view custom wrapper


Denodo to S3 connection at a bucket level ( not an object level)

Hello Denodo Team, I have a need to connect from Denodo to a S3 bucket. The S3 bucket receives daily incremental files of a specific object ( same structure for all files ). For example, let us say that S3 bucket contains Campaign data. I will continue...

S3 bucket AWS S3


Connectivity to S3 with data in parquet format

Hi, Would like to know if Denodo can connect to the S3 object store and retrieve content stored in the parquet format via a regular SQL query. Thanks. John