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How to deploy Denodo resource Plan and Rules through Solution Manager (not viq vql mode)?

Hi Team, Is there a way to use solution mamanger (not via vql) to deploy resource rules and plans? Thanks.

solution manager rules plan deploy


Promotion of Web Services

Hello, When promoting changes to a webservice (from Test to Staging) does the Solution Manager automatically redeploy it, or are manual steps required to deploy a change to a webservice after promotion? Specifically, when adding Authentication, switc...

Deploy Web Service


Denodo Solution Manager REST API, how to handle deploy objects by Dependency with the REST API Call

Hi Team, we are working on some process which about autdeploy with solution manager Rest API, I want to understand if we have create a revision ,which is a vql, how can we handle deploy this objects with dependency? Thanks.

REST API Solution Manager Dependency deploy


How to Use python to Call solution Manager APJ to deploy Revision

Hi team, We try to use python to call solution manager API to deploy revision, we now have prepare the vql revision file done, can we use python to call the solution manager API to do the deployment?

Solution Manager API Deploy Python revision


Error loading database while deploying the query

Hi Denodo Team, Can you help me with this error that i get when i want to deploy the query to the database. The error is "Error loading database " databasename"". any suggestion what to fix in order to work? thank you.

query Data Catalog deploy


How to deploy entire Denodo DB (with BV, DV and REST APIs) into Staging from Development environment?

There are 3 environments Development, Staging and Prodicution. I have created a database with multlple base, dervied views and REST APIs. These views are created out of MS SQL Server database. I would like to deploy entire Denodo DB into Staging envior...

deployment deploy


Avoid deleting the cached data at the time of deployment to upper environments

We have some views created in the local environment and when we deploy it the upper environment, we cache the views. So, every time we do a deployment we turn the cache back on all the views. This is making the tables which are cached previously in the...

cache DENODO SQL Server deploy


Maven Integration with Denodo4E plugin

Can we integrate Maven build management with the Denodo4E plugin ? I am trying to upload dependencies to Nexus repository so they can be linked in the project using Maven. When deploying the Denodo project, the plugin doesn't recognize the dependencie...

Stored Procedures Custom Functions Denodo4E deploy


Automated deployment - Code promotion using TFS2015

We would like to auto-deploy our Denodo code between different enviornments using TFS2015. Has anyone done the following for deployment using TFS 2015 1) Downloading the latest database artifacts fron TFS 2) Creating the export script 3) Importing the ...



How to export VQL from one instance of Denodo to another instance of Denodo automatically or using some script?

We have 2 instances of Denodo (say Dev and QA). Is there a way to deploy the VQLs from Dev environment to QA environment automatically or using some scripts?

automation deploy