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get the 5TH highest annualincome

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using order by clause in denodo vql

Hi , I want to use this query in my vql in denodo. SELECT * FROM finance."ProjectStatusCs" order by WBSInternalNbr limit 10 but it gives this error : Error in ORDER BY clause: Invalid field name: wbsinternalnbr can someone please help

order by


Select Distinct records based on a particular value in another column

I have a result of employees with "employee id" that has duplicates. I have another column called "leader level" i want to keep unique records of the employee id that has the lowest value of leader level (i.e. if the same employee id is in row 1 and 2 ...

Distinct order by


Denodo order by issue when partial cache enabled.

Hello, guys. I faced with the weird issue when enabling denodo cache (partial mode) in the following case: Created two tables in MS SQL Server and imported it to Denodo: create table dbo.Denodo_Bug_View1 ( ColumnId bigint not null identity(1...

Partial cache order by