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ERROR in CREATE VIEW with view parameters

I tried to create view with parameters, but I'm getting an error. [Error Message] Error calculating view : Empty schema [sample query] CREATE VIEW "Sample" AS SELECT RegDate, EmpId DeptCode, Count() AS Cnt FROM ( SELECT o.RegId, o.RegDate, o.CustId, ...

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Overview of the obligatoryfields

Hi, is there a DENODO standard view for querying mandatory/obligatory fields and the associated views? Thx for your help!



Does Denodo have the function to shcdule exporting data from a view and send to a share folder?

Does Denodo have the function to shcdule exporting data from a view and send to a share folder? We want to export data from a view frequentl as schduled, can we do such with some denodo functions?

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Base View schema doesn't get updated automatically if the payload changes

Hello, With the JSON data source, if I have a base view created initially; which is created by Denodo based on the JSON response payload it receives at the time of view creation, the schema of the created view is decided at this point. Now in future,...

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create a view that only shows user access and query activity from the logs

I am working with a data source that someone set up that is tapping into the vdp logs. is there a way to filter for only records in that data source that show who, what and when a particular data source/view was accessed?

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About VCS Cache mode setup for views

Hi team Currently all of DV views are VCS by gitlab. I have a base view created, which is build on Oracle database. Now the views is under VSC by gitlab also, before we did not turn on the cache mode for this view, but when we put the cache mode to "Pa...

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How to get the all views mandatory Filtes?

Hi Denodo Team, We need to get all the views that we have defined mandatory paramters, we need this metedata for further analysis, can you let us how we get it. Is there some file stored in Server side contained this kind of information? looking forwar...

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Error: Invalid identifier (too long)

Hi team, I was trying to rename a view to a name with more than 100 characters and I got this error: Syntax error: invalid identifier: 'xxxxxxxxxxx' (too long) Is there any character restriction for object name in Denodo? Can I change something, i.e. i...

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View Parameters disable

Hi! Im trying to do the DEN60EDU118 LAB01. In some point it ask us to use view parametes botton. When im trying to do it, the botton is disable it says: "This feature is not allloed by the licence"! I use de lincense provide by the express instalatio...

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Pivoting Denodo View Results

I have a SQL server procedure that pivots a table with unknown number of rows and these number of rows can be dynamic and change throughout the day; I have created a view to replace the sql server table but now I need to replicate or replace the stored...

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