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Denodo Cached Base View Issue: returns 0 records in left join

Nevermind! Figure out the issue.

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Cache Database with mysql(AWS Aurora)

The customer wants to use the mysql(AWS Aurora) for Dev and QA environment. Is preferable to mysql as cache database in respective to performance? Customer Source system is oracle and MS SQL Server. Based on the caching requirement, they are plann...



Listing views with cache enabled

How can I get a list of views where cache has been enabled?

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Partial cached data subset still going to source

We are currently trying to use partial cache in denodo in both the versions of 6 & 7 and facing one issue. When we put the partial cache on for the view and run the query to cache it. For eg. Select * from test1 where id in (1,2,3,4); it caches ...

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Schema change and Source Refresh with Denodo and Cache store

Hello, We have snowflake as our cache store. When we add a new column to source, our cache refresh jobs fails with "Number of columns in file (25) does not match that of the corresponding table (23),". Any process we ned to follow to update cache schem...

Source refresh schema change Cache Cache error


Cache Error Modifying View

Hi - we have been having intermittent problems with our cache. Randomly, when I try to change the cache mode on any view, I receive the error: Error modifying view: Error getting valid table name At this point, I have to ask our admin to reboot or res...



SSRS and Caching

I have created an SSRS report with parameters that the user inputs (using ? as parameter in the SQL). The derived view that the SSRS report is using has partial cache mode turned on with match exact queries only selected. It seems as if the report is ...

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Cache modes

Hi, I'm using the Denodo Express Edition platform and I'm trying to try the partial cache mode with the Match exact queries only option. I have entered Administration> Server configuration and I have activated Cache Status. Then before executing the...

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Cach data using Java

--typo on header can not edit :( i want to cache data using java .i have following question 1.Denodo have any API? 2.Please share sample code? i have modifed the denodo jdbc client sample and tried it is not working. please help me on this

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Power Query parameters not working when cache is on

Hi - I have a view with 1 parameter that I am consuming in Excel through ODBC. I cannot pass the parameter back to Denodo unless the cache is turned off of the view. Is there any solutions for this?

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