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UDF ReadBinary

Hello Denodo, I'm currently facing a blocker while attempting to migrate a User-defined function from SQL Server to Denodo. I'm unsure how to convert the script into Denodo-compatible format. I've tried following the guidance provided here: https://co...



Mask password in an User Defined Function (UDF)

I need to connect to an external system in a User Defined Function (UDF) for data processing and require the user to provide the password as one of the arguments in UDF. Is there a way to mask the password provided by the user?

UDF Password User Defined Function


Integrate user credentials in UDF

I need to connect to an external system in an UDF. Is there a way to get the credentials of user querying UDF so that the same can be user to connect to an external system?

UDF Role and User Management User Defined Function


Restrict UDF to WHERE CLAUSE Only

Is there a way to apply a restriction on UDF such that it can only be executed in a WHERE Clause, and not at any other place. For example, SELECT UDF(123) FROM DUAL(); ---> It should be invalid SELECT * FROM <TableName> WHERE UDF(COLUMN1) = ...

UDF WHERE CONDITIONS User Defined Function