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LISTAGG function error denodo 8

Hi All, I am getting "LISTAGG is not executable funtion" while using the fucntion to combine the data into single row using below query in denodo 8 . query: SELECT LISTAGG(NAME,'|') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY NAME) FROM ( SELECT 'A' NAME UNION SELECT 'B'...

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Adding or Editing Items in a Sharepoint list via a Denodo view/query

Please advise if there is anyway to Edit or Add Items on a Sharepoint List via an existing OData connection view. is this possible or are you only able to "read" a SharePoint list via Denodo?

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SharePoint List XML get all versions of each list item

We are having an issue with connecting to a SharePoint list via OData2. The list is using Append Changes for some of the columns so there are version of each list item. We cannot see the various versions ONLY the most current one. https://mycompany.s...

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Create VQL that will generate a list of all views and fields and descriptons

Is there a simple way to write a VQL script that not only shows all of the views -- i.e. LIST VIEWS on [database] but also would show the view and the columns, and field type from that view... (as well as description if possible). We are trying to g...

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