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VCS is using github. and it is showing in RED color status ( out of sync) for all folders. Assuming that I haven't changed anything in the configuration, why am I no longer able to commit from one moment to the next?



Support for AWS code commit via git credential helper

Hi, I am currently looking at the possibility of using AWS code commit with Denodo. However, I cannot see how we can configure a credential helper for code commit in Denodo. There are restrictions that use of SSH keys, username/passwords and we can on...

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How to - Store encrypted VCS user's password in vdp config?

Hi, Is there a way to encrypt a VCS user's password before storing them in the $DENODO_HOME/conf/vdp/ I can see that there is a configuration setting of storing encrypted password in the config file com.denodo.vdb.vdbinte...

git encrypt_password.bat VCS config Devops Virtual DataPort


Integration between Gitlab & Denodo

We are middle of integration between Gitlab & Denodo. We have couple of questions on it Does Denodo support multiple branch strategies in Denodo? Which version of Denodo support the Gitlab? What is procedure of integration of Gitlab and Den...

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Denodo connect to GIT with SSO login

Hello, is there a way to connect denodo with a GIT instance which has SSO login. I am using a GIT instance which has SSO login and want to integrate it with denodo. Thanks

GIT Denodo with Git Version Control


Push not working: GIT configuration (VCS)

Hi, We did the first commit referring the steps provided and can see the file in the GIT repository. But we are unable to proceed with the push operation with the following error: Error pushing database admin:

GIT VCS push Denodo with Git


VCS is configured with GIT but, data is not showing up in GIT

Hi team, VCS is configured with GIT,we can perform push pull and all operations and the changes are available in the local repository but we cannot see the code/repo or any data/code in GIT. Please help.

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GIT Integration: VCS management: VDP

Hi, We have installed denodo 8 in our server and accessing the design studio as clients (through url). But we are unable to connect to the VDP admin tool from the client machines with the following error: Connection Error: Check the hostname and port n...

Connection issue to VDP GIT Denodo with Git VCS


VDP v7 Not able to pull from Gitlab

Hi - when pulling the latest code from remote, it succedes. We can see the correct files on the Denodo server. But when pulling inside the VDP client, not all changes appear, but no error is reported. We are running version v7.0.2x We can also push...



Setting Up VCS

Hi, I am setting up VCS and my parameters are as follows: Version Control System: Git URL: https://bitbucket.<internal domain name>.com/dv/dv_dev_environment.git User: <user name I used when logging into Virtual DataPort Administration Tool&g...

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