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ODBC DSN connection error

Hello, I'm using Denodo Express 8.0 and trying to configure DSN for ODBC connections, but getting weird error went trying to test it (image attached). All ports are default. ODBC driver is installed from <DENODO_HOME>/tools/client-drivers/odbc. ...



Determining the driver version of clients through Denodo server logs (such as connection/query monitor logs)

Is there a way to know what's the version of the jdbc/odbc drivers being used by the clients connection to our Denodo servers? The ideal would be to have this info displayed for each row in the connection/query monitor logs. Similar to the 'access_int...

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Odbc driver to excel

What is the limit of concurrent connections in odbc driver to excel? i get error "too many client tasks" on connection count range 60-64

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Compiling Denodo 8 ODBC driver on macOS Big Sur

I was trying to get the Denodo8 ODBC driver to work an MasOS and I managed to get that working by following these steps in case anyone finds it useful. To connect to the Denodo Server from OSx we will have to use either unixODBC or iODBC and recompile...



Postgres ODBC driver version for accessing Denodo 7.0

Is client access to Denodo 7.0 supported using Postgres ODBC driver versions later than 09.05? (We know that using the Denodo supplied ODBC driver is best, but some of our client apps use the Postgres driver)



Continuous Error at Excel Microsoft Query data retrieval from Denodo (6.0) through ODBC connectivity

All the time when retrieving data from Denodo (6.0) to Microsoft Excel using Excel Microsoft Query intermediated by ODBC connectivity, I faces next error, and can't retrieve data to Excel from Denodo. <Error Description when retrieving data from De...

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VC++2013 redistributable dependency

Hi there, We've noticed that ODBC connectivity with Denodo's ODBC driver is dependant on an older PostGres driver which in turn requires the VC++ 2013 redistributable. As this isn't supported on Windows Server 2016, are there plans for this to be upgr...

ODBC support Windows Server 2016


Properties of ODBC driver

We are developing a project where we have to connect to our Denodo server from a Python script. We basically load the ODBC driver dynamically, connect to the server and then send the query. Very standard process. Here is the snippent of code where we d...

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Unable to Connect to VDP via ODBC drivers

Hello - I am able to connect no problem via JDBC to VDP (tutorial example). ODBC is not working and getting the below error in configuring the DNS. I am running everything locally on Windows. My ports are all defaults and VDP admin console shows por...

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Logging of User Queries via ODBC

Hello, We have lots of users querying Denodo views via ODBC connection in Power BI. Is there an option to get the information of the different queries run by them via Denodo to report them.

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