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get_view_columns StackOverflowError

Hi Denodo wizards, I am getting the below error when I run this query - select * from get_view_columns () where database_name = 'mydbname' QUERY [SELECTION] [ERROR] GET_VIEW_COLUMNS [STORED_PROCEDURE] [ERROR] GET_VIEW_COLUMNS [STORED PROCEDURE] [ERRO...

Denodo8 get_view_columns


row_number not working with the get_view_columns

Hello Denodo gurus! Why does row_number not work with the get_view_columns? select database_name, view_name, column_name as denodo_column_name, ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY view_name ORDER BY database_name ) row_number_with_partition from get_vi...

row number Delegate get_view_columns



We are using the get_view_columns() function to pull denodo interfaces and columns into the MicroStrategy warehouse catalog. We have run into an issue that if a transformation has had manual vql manipulation, the function fails to return all columns. ...

Microstrategy VQL get_view_columns


View column order metadata

I am using Denodo 7, latest update. I'm using get_view_columns() to extract metadata on columns included in views for various purposes. There doesn't seem to be anything that provides the order of the columns in the views. Is this metadata available a...

metadata column order get_view_columns