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Accessing Open Data API

Hello there, I was just curious, how can you access an Open Data API with Denodo to retrieve Data in real time to be provided as a web service, self-service, or views that can be combined with other disparate data sources? Thanks in advance.

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How to use "WITH" clause query using temporary tables to create a view in DENODO

I am trying to create a view using the query which is having WITH clause for temporary table but getting syntax error.. please help me asap. ex: WITH dept_count AS ( SELECT deptno, COUNT(*) AS dept_count,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BYdeptno ORDER BY...

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Unable to rename a derived view

Hi, I am trying to rename a derived view "06_derived" to "05_derived" but im unable to do so howeveve im able to rename it with other name like "07_derived" etc.... Please let me know what can be the issue not much info on logs

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Do we need to generate the statistics for Interface views

Generating statistics for base view is enough or generating statistic for interface views will also improve performance

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How to add new columns to existing base view?

Hi Denodo team, I have created a view couple of days ago. Now, I want to add new fields to that existing base view. Can i do this? If any solution to this please let me know

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Input parameter for view

Is it possible to set a input parameter in a selection view? We know that it is posible for a derived and base view. But we want to set a input parameter in our selection view. tnx in advanced

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How to connect data source by using ODBC and how to create views on VDP adminstration tool.

Hi Denodo team, I have installed denodo vdp client 6.0 . i have one goal that to create view from database. I done the all pre requests for ODBC. 1. i installed ODBC drivers. 2. I configured server and database in ODBC data source in A...

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How to create a views from database table?

Hi denodo guys, I want to know how to create views and start with queries on them. Before this i need some more information about data source i.e., How to connect a Microsoft sql server database from this data source and after that ...

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Evaluate a formula present in a text field

I have a table where I have a formula as a text attribute. I want to query this table and get an output with an addition derived attribute where I want to capture the execution result of the formula. Sample in input data : Select 1 Num,'0+ 1(3)' Exp...

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Catalog metadata file not found null

Hi, I have connected to a hive datasource and imported a table using "Create selected base views". I can see the table on the left hand side panel. But when I execute the view, the following error pops up : TABLE [BASE] [ERROR] TABLE [JDBC WRAPPER] [...

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