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Specify Keystore alias in the SSL configuration

Hello. I am configuring ssl/tls on my denodo installation, for this I use the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/denodo_tls_configurator (

Installation TLS SSL


Denodo Express 7 Installation Error

Hi, I am installing Express 7 under Mac OS Venture, JDK version 1.8 hitting the error: "internal error javax/xml/bind/javabcontext" during "Checking for Denodo running servers and administration tools..." Does anyone know how to resolve this/ Thank...



Can denodo be installed on any intermediate layer?

Hello Denodo team, we are wondering if it is possible to install DENODO over an intermediate layer (web logic type).

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installation SSL certificates

Hi team, Can you please help me to guide how to install SSL certificates in Denodo. Regards, Bhaskas

installation SSL


Step by Step Screen shot or Videos

Why doesn't Denodo offer free video on the step by step process on the installation and bootstrapping process, from MySQL to the platform or screen shots?

Installation video


Installation & Bootstrapping

Not seeing a new database schema called "acme_crm" with three tables defined (address, client and client_type). When running script, says dupliate database but when I look at Programdata/MySQL... I see acme_crm and the separate IBD Files but no databas...

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I was trying to install denodo 8.0

while i got an error stating some .bat files are missing and 10-15 same type of messages occurred can anyone help me with this. I tried installation through Admin. Is there any pre requisite software that needs to be installed.

Installation Error Denodo Installation


MacOS Installation Error

Hi Community I have a Macbook Pro 2019 model with MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 I am unable to install Denodo software on my device as the company says that it is not compatible for MacOS. However I was able to find the following steps to install it on Mac: ...

Installation Wizard installation Mac OS


itpilot database never got installed and is not installed when I view in the virtual data

The itpilot databases.never gets instaleld I logged into the virtual data port, but it is not there only administration db is there? How can I install the itpilot databases.? also when installing the user interace of denod is very small and cannot be ...

database ipilot installation Virtual DataPort


Technical Analyst

Hi Team, I am trying to connect the Denodo Virtual Data Port administrator tool (installed on my local machine in windows) to the Denodo Virtual Dataport server server installed on a AWS EC2 Linux machine. Can you please suggest the steps that I need t...

Installation Connection