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Unable to create Environment: VCS using Git

Hi, I am trying to create an environment in vcs management (Denodo 8), first I created a github repo and cloned it locally. In the configuration screen under VCS management in Denodo administration tool I added the url of this repo and the username a...

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Denodo VCS gets stuck when trying to do a PULL

Hello, Since a few weeks now, when trying to do a VCS pull, Denodo gets stuck in the step 5/7 "Updating database" and stays there forever. The only workaround we found is to restart the service and to try again, until it works. This causes us to lose ...

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How to run a vcs pull of a database through code

We have set up our denodo solution such that it is connecting to a gitlab repo. We have defined a ci/cd process that takes the files from the development gitlab repo and pushes them into uat gitlab repo. We would like to run a VCS pull command on all d...

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long time, even seems dead when VCS pull

Hi team, want to understand, why VCS pull needs so long time? We have some requriement that needs to change the VCS branch name and then do a re-pull, when this happended, we found all objects (totally 2000+) needs to do a re-pull, and this process ta...

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