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File Generation

I need to publish a Flat and XML file to Unix server. I have already created views as required. Is it possible to create a job to publish data in an given external location ?

XML Delimited Files


Creating an XML output view using the existing base/derived Views

How to Create an XML output using derived view ? for example: I have 3 base view Party, Party Address, Party Related Party. I will need to create an XML output, which needs to be published as SOAP Service. the structure should as below. <PartyServi...

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Flatten a register in XML

Hi team! I have a couple of XML files with a register in it. These are orderfiles from different sources, so they use different names for fields. I'd like to make a new virtual generic table (ordertable) with these XML files, but it seems I can't fl...

Register XML


xml data structure in database source

HI, I have data in a database which is stored in a XML structure. The data can be accessed as database fields with a JDBC connection. I would like to acces the data as some kind of XML datasource in order to flatten the elements as fields in a table. I...



RDF SPARQL End point

As given in the document, I would like to connect to a RDF SPARQL endpoint, but cannot find any resources or documentation explaining this feature. Is this an out-of-b...



Sharepoint via RSS

Using Denodo 5.0 . I found that although this technique works, it took quite a bit of manipulation and parsing to get the actual data fields. Although the Sharepoint List meta data came in cleanly, all the data content was embedded a Description" blob...

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