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JDBC connectivity to SQL Server 2008 R2 using either the JTDS or Microsoft drivers

I am running into an issue connecting to a SQL Server 2008 R2 named instance using JDBC with either the JTDS or the MS Driver. I've tried specifying just the instance (which would be ideal, as it is conceivable that with named instances they could be u...



Connecting to VDP from Cognos through JDBC

Hi there, Is there a JDBC connector to access VDP from Cognos (Ver 10 or 11) available? If so, where can I download it from?

Cognos JDBC connection


JDBC Client

Denod 6.0 - The JDBC client I am using is DBVisulizer. How to connect to VDP via JDBC client using Kerberos?



Delegate LIMIT to Spark through JDBC

Hi, We use denodo on top of Spark through JDBC. We have some derived views built on top of some big tables. We would like to limit the number of records a user can query based off of this view automatically rather than user specifying LIMIT clause. ...

Delegate JDBC Spark


com.denodo.vdb.jdbcdriver.VDBJDBCDriver supports CachedRowSet property.

As com.denodo.vdb.jdbcdriver.VDBJDBCDriver does not support type_scroll_insensitive ResultSet .I wanted to use CachedRowSet property to scroll backwards. I have application that requires ResultSet to transverse back using resultSet.previous(); . but a...

type_scroll_insensitive JDBC CachedRowSet


Connecting to Marklogic

Is there an out-of-the-box route to achieving connection to a Marklogic database in Denodo Express? I had hoped to do it with ODBC, alas its not supported in Express. Perhaps JDBC will work, but is there a driver available for that?

JDBC Marklogic


Is there a Hibernate dialect available for Denodo Express JDBC Driver?

Is there a hibernate dialect class available for the current version of the Denodo Express JDBC driver?

Hibernate JDBC


Troubleshooting document on common Java/JDBC configuration issues (on Windows)?

Just did a fresh install of Denodo and tried to set up a JDBC datasource pointing to SQL Server 2012, and got the following errors: JTDS Sql Server 2012 driver: Unable to create data source: Unable to establish connection: I/O Error: SSO Failed: Nati...

JDBC windows


Hive 0.14.0

I was trying to connect to hive database through JDBC, but the vdp keeps on running and doesnt go through. It has been 4 hours and it is still processing. What's wrong?

hive; hadoop JDBC


How can I close incoming JDBC connections to my Denodo VDP server?

Hi, Is it possible to close all incoming JDBC connections using VQL statements? Or is there another command I can use to kill/close all incoming JDBC connections? Here's why I'm asking: 1) When I run deployments, my script automatically removes a d...