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OAuth 2.0 support for Delimited files

I want to retrieve a delimited file from a protected data source. The datasource is using OAuth 2.0 for authentication. The delimited file http transport does not support OAuth 2.0 for authentication. Can I get around this or enable it for Delimited fi...

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'redirect_uri_mismatch' error

After clicking on "Generate the authentication URL" I am getting an 'redirect_uri_mismatch' error. I am leaving redirect_uri as default. Is the problem because of that?

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Configure OAuth for Myob AccountRight

Trying to establish a connection to the AccountRight API - details are at I have got the access token and set up the http headers (x-myobapi-cftoken, x-myobapi-key, x-myobapi-vers...

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Set proxy for OAuth 2.0 Credential Wizard

Is there a way where we can set proxy settings for OAuth 2.0 Credential Wizard. I am unable to "Obtain the OAuth2.0 credentials" from Token endpoint URL in Wizard. It says "Connection refused".



OAuth 2.0 credentials

Hi. I have a Salesforce instance that I am trying to connect to as a data source using OAuth 2.0. While going throgh the Credentials Wizard I get the following when clicking Obtain the OAuth 2.0 credentials: There was an error while requesting the OAu...

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