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Format_date is not working for me to display 'yyyymm' patern

Hi Team, As per the customer requirement, I have to display only 'yyyymm' of a date field and I gave the expression as below in denodo: formatdate('yyyymm', dim_day.day_dt) But it gaves only the year, month displays as 00. For eg: 201800, 201900. I...

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Date Format Transformation Pass Through Query in SAS

Hello, I have created a query in SAS that passes through Denodo via odbc connection (uses VQL syntax). My input date (effdate) is numeric with a length of 8 and looks like 20180815. I have tried numerous ways of converting it to a date. No matter what...

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Convert the incoming date in Text format to DateTime using the TO_DATE function

Hello, I have a question regarding the conversion of incoming Text format to a Denodo Date format using the TO_DATE function. The field name is <fld_name>. And, a sthe incoming date values are: 5/1/2018 1:41 PM 5/1/2018 12:59 PM 5/1/2018 11:45 ...

Date Conversion TO_DATE function


Date conversion not working as expected

I have a NUMERIC source column which is in format “YYYYMMDD”. I am using TO_DATE function to convert into date. However the dates are not converted accurately using the function. The dates I have in the source column are 20170421 while the output of TO...

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