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I have a final UNION view between views with group by that have as data source a CSV file (so there is no database as source). When I execute the query on the union in the execution trace appears that an AGGREGATION PUSH-DOWN was done. But the push do...

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With Clause/statement

Hi There, Can denodo send WIth Clause Query as it is to Oracle Data source? Why denodo try to optimize With Clause into SubSQL Query? Can we pass direct With Clause to any data source via denodo ? thanks,

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Summary Table Acceleration is not being Utilized

We are facing a senario where Summary Table Acceleration is not being considered as best plan for execution. We have followed the exact steps available in the Denodo Guide where we are creating a summary table on agreegated transformation. First case,...

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Performance Issues with many Columns, MongoDB source

Hello dear Denodo team, I have a question regarding the performance of a view based on a MongoDB data source. The base view in question has about 2.7 million records and 256 columns. Running the query SELECT max(date) FROM ; I tried several things...

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