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How can you access the Scheduler Log files without Client API?

We are interested in analyzing the Denodo Scheduler log data to monitor jobs, identify trends in errors/job failures, and to identify trends on when jobs are being run. From my research, it looks like the only documneted way to get this data with Denod...

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Denodo Scheduler services

Hi, I am unable to start scheduler services from services.msc, but in control center scheduler server seem to be running. When i checked scheduler log i saw "Scheduler Server: server could not be started: Another instance of Derby may have already boot...

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denodo scheduler job log info

Hi, We like to extract out scheduler job info using query. Following are the info shown in scheduler job reports, which we like to extract out. Start Time End Time Result Extracted (Tuples/Errors) Processed (Tuples/Errors) Retry Count

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