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How can we automate deployment process through Jenkins

Hi Team, Can anyone provide solution for automate denodo deployment process through Jenkins.

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Access Live SOAP WSDL Web Service through Excel

Hi, I want to access data from a SOAP Web Service (WSDL) through Excel. I want the process to be standalone/independent from Denodo. By this I mean, even when Denodo Platform is not running behind the scenes, once the excel is loaded with the data so...

Excel automate SOAP Web Service WSDL


Automatically Updating Column Names

So, we have the following layers that we have built in Denodo: [[BOTTOM]] --Base views (tables from data source) --Derived views (again, the tables) --Combined views (formatted tables) --Service views (tables rearranged to data objects) --REST Web Ser...

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How to make ODATA service start Automatically

Hi Team, We want to start ODATA service to start automaticalaly when denodo start. what is the best way to do it?

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import vql files

how to automate importing of multiple vql files using java program or command prompt?

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