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Does the unicode setting in Design Studio impact the Data Catalog search results?

I'd like to confirm whether turning switching the server from Restricted to Unicode would impact results when end users search in Data Catalog.

Unicode Data Catalog


Workaround for double quotes around database name in queries

I'm trying to see how I can configure my database to not need the double quotes around the database name when using queries in the VQL Shell. I realize there is a Restricted vs Unicode configuration that I think I've turned on, but I'm still having to ...

Denodo 8.0 double quote Vql shell Database unicode


Unable to read Unicode character columns in views

we built some base views off RMS sql files. three columns have elements that are formatted “ObjectValueTypUnicode” datatype. the columns do not appear in the output on a SELECT * base view build. Just not there while every other field is populated and ...



Is there any chance that unicode support will be added to express?

Our company is seriously considering building integration using virtualization and we cannot perform a worthy POC without the ability to connect our tools to Donodo databases using standard ODBC drivers. We are encountering errors like 'Using unicode ...

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Can't connect app to Denodo via ODBC

I am running Denodo Express 5.5 and trying to connect to it via ODBC. I've done so successfully using Excel (after using a 64-bit DSN rather than 32-bit). However, when I try to connect via Tableau, I get the message: ERROR: Syntax error: Using unic...

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