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PostgreSQL v 13.2 Database connector/JDBC drivers - When?

Hi there, I know it is very early on to be asking this question, but does anyone know by when the JDBC drivers for v13.2 of PostgreSQL will be available, or if they are already available, where to get them? At the moment the highest version in the se...

Denodo 8.0 Connector PostgreSQL JDBC Remote Tables


Connecting to Postgresql on EC2 Instance

Hi, I am trying to connect to a database "user" on a PostgresQL I set up on an EC2 instance. I believe I have allowed port 5432 on the inbound rules and I have modified the two config files. But I received this error message. Unable to establish c...

PostgreSQL EC2 instance AWS


ERROR: Syntax Error: Exception Parsing query near 'show'

Hi, I am trying to get my odbc 64 bit connection working on my pc. my 32 bit works fine. For this 64 bit I am using PostgreSQL Unicode(x64). I have the same settings as my odbc32. Except the postgresql versions are different. 32odbc i run ANSI 9.03...



Getting SSL I/O errors while loading data from Denodo views using Informatica sessions

I am getting few SSL I/O errors in the Informatica session when I try to load data from Denodo view. The issue seems to go away when I try restart the failed session, but seeing this issue quite often. Do I need to make any configuration changes on De...

SSL I/O error PostgreSQL Informatica


Access to Derived Views from Mysql or Postgres

I have created some derived views and I need to read the data from those views and process the data and save it in an external database (Mysql, postbres), in a custom table. How you could do that? Or is possible to publish the information that I get fr...

external Database PostgreSQL MySQL


Create Base view from SQL query

Hello there! I'm tottaly new on Data Virtualization and Denodo I'm trying to create my first view from SQL query (PostgresSQL) Would you guys could help me o that? <image src="

Denodo Express PostgreSQL Select Query


SSL connection from PostgreSQL to Denodo 7 Solution Manager metadata

I have installed Denodo 7 Solution Manager with a postgresql db for the Solution Manager metadata which worked just fine but now I need to SSL the connection using certificates. I have the my server.crt, server.key and ca_bundle.crt in the data directo...

SolutionManager PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL Data Movement Error

At present, I’m consuming data from a PostgresDB and looking to write to another PostgresDB using the below statement, however it returns an error stating the ‘Virtual Data Port does not support data movements to data source’ and lists a number of supp...

Data Destination Data Source PostgreSQL Data Movement


Error connecting Denodo to a PostgreSQL and Oracle database

I am trying to connect to a PostgreSQL 9 and an Oracle 11g database using Denodo but i get the following errors: i already installed the latest version of java and of the jdbc drivers but still i get these two errors, does any...

PostgreSQL oracle database connection


Getting "Communication closed during authentication; Socket has been closed" error while creating User DSN using PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

I have created a virtual table using denodo virtualization tool. Now to access this table from my application I am creating ODBC connection. But during DSN creation when I am testing the connection it throws error "Communication closed during authentic...

ODBC PostgreSQL Denodo with DB Visualizer