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cannot connect to virtual dataport server

Hello, I have just installed the express denodo platform 8.0 and cannot connect to virtual dataport server. I have tried several solutions given on this forum including modifying firewall restrictions checking if the port 9999 is already in use a...

Connection Denodo Express 8 Virtual DataPort


Updating a data source via REST API

Is it possible to update the details of a data source via an API call on Denodo 8? Specifically I'd like to modify the Database URI of a JDBC Microsoft SQL Server connection without using the design studio or other graphical tool.

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How to - Store encrypted VCS user's password in vdp config?

Hi, Is there a way to encrypt a VCS user's password before storing them in the $DENODO_HOME/conf/vdp/ I can see that there is a configuration setting of storing encrypted password in the config file com.denodo.vdb.vdbinte...

git encrypt_password.bat VCS config Devops Virtual DataPort


Unable to remove a VDP server from license usage

Hi, I am facing an issue where I am not able to remove Virtual Data Port server from the license usage screen. It is throwing the following error [] - Validation error: It is not pos...

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denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar fails command line update

./jre/bin/java /opt/denodo/updates-for-denodo-20210715/denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar "/opt/denodo/denodo_platform_8_0" -c Error: Could not find or load main class .opt.denodo.updates-for-denodo-20210715.denodo-v80-update-202107152200.jar Caused b...

Denodo 8.0 update Error Virtual DataPort


How to change default port of Virtual DataPort Server 9999 to other available port?

How to change default port of Virtual DataPort Server 9999 to other available port? I'm using Denedo Express 64Bit version. Thank You! LakshmiNarayana J.

64-Bit Windows Virtual DataPort


Script to turn Cache on or off

Is there a VQL script to turn on or off the cache so that instead of navigating to Administration>Server Configuration and switching the Cache, I can just run the script in VQL shell to get this done. Thanks and regards.

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itpilot database never got installed and is not installed when I view in the virtual data

The itpilot databases.never gets instaleld I logged into the virtual data port, but it is not there only administration db is there? How can I install the itpilot databases.? also when installing the user interace of denod is very small and cannot be ...

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Hi there On a windows server, when the server starts up is it possible to make Virtual DataPort startup automatically as administrator. Please let me know

Virtual DataPort


Getting IO Error when i add new Data source - Oracle 11g in the Denodo Virtual Data port tool

When i am trying to connect to a Data source - Oracle 11g i am getting below error in the Denodo Virtual Data port tool Unable to establish connection: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection I am giving the Info as Data base...

connection: IOError Virtual DataPort