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Why the query is not delegating completely to source when my main data source and and cache datasource , both are on Snowflake ?

Hi Team, We have setup cache DB on Snowflake, and then cached on of the view and used it in our implementation. (Cache Type being Full.) On joining this cache view with another view, which is also built entirely on Snowflake, the query is not getting...

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Cache job for a view with dynamic where clause

Hello, I have a view that I would like to cache with a where clause, so that it picks up only a few rows. For example: select from test_view where test_log_id > *max(test_log_id) CONTEXT('cachepreload'='true', 'cachewait_for_load'='true', 'cache_...

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Denodo scheduler with cached views queries.

Hi team, I'm a Denodo7 admin and wanted to know how can I validate the views that are cached have a corresponding schedule that keep the cache up to date? For example I can use CACHECONTENT() to see last it was 'full' cached but is there a existing job?

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