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Bulk Load Error With Apache Ranger

i am testing bulk load feature now (hive and hdfs) In our production environment, we are using apache ranger(LDAP) for authorization in hive and hdfs. I got error checking if the HDFS path exist. Connection between vdp and hdfs is normal. We also check...

authorization Bulk Data Load


ODBC connection | trusted non kerberos domain

Hello, We have configured Kerberos in 2 domains, domain1 and domain2. We have a scenario where we have 2-3 users from a different domain, domain3. We dont want to enable Kerberos to the whole domain we need need these 2-3 user of Domain3 to be able to...

authorization Kerberos ODBC EXCEL ODBC Driver


How to configure a JSON data source.

Hi, I'm trying to connect to a REST API ( using Session ID method (auth token) I am able to do it connecting via Postman, but struggling to conf...

authorization Ivanti Service Manager JSON


MPP and authorization

Hallo Denodo Team, First of all, thank you for the answeres to my many questions. This question may be vague, because I didn't really understand the context. Is there any possible issue that you are aware of with authorization/security when entrustin...

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