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Decimal precision issue with division in Denodo with Teradata as data source

Hi Im encountering issues with decimal precision while performing division in denodo, my data souce is Teradata Heres the scenario: In Teradata when I have values like 16,968 and divide the number by 100. Teradata is returning the result by rounding...

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Description in base views for

Hello, I want to create base views from Snowflake views. They are created well except for the descriptions of the numeric fields without decimals. Indeed, in the VQL I see that the description is correctly retrieved but then when it creates the base vi...

snowflake Base View descrptions Decimal Type


Type conversion for Decimal point

HI, I am using the following formula, (qccount/transvalue) The value for qccount = 1 transvalue=47 so output is 1/47 = 0.021276596 but i am getting the 0 only. I tried to use cast('double',(qccount/transvalue)) but the output is 0.0 only and another...

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