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How to deal with BLOB in Denodo?

Hello Team, I have a situation that I imported a base view from SAP table. But there is a column which data type is RAW in SAP. After creating base view in Denodo, the type of such column convert to BLOB. If I use cast('text',column) when creating deri...



BLOB / Binary Data Save in Netezza Through Denodo

Dear Team, I am trying to save the BLOB data in Netezza through Summary Creation but it is giving an error that "Error Calculating the Capacity". This is just a simple query. SELECT CAST('blob', 'helloasdfasdfasdf') AS text_to_blob_cast ,CAST('text'...

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How to setup webservice to return an image

I was thinking there was a way to configure or call a Denodo web service such that if the only column returned was a blob (that contains and image) that the image would be return - essentially utilizing Denodo as a simple image server. However, I could...

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We are able to see lists, yet files attached are only retreived as filenames and not a BLOB

We have been able to follow the procedure as stated from: We can see the lists data ...

Related to: Microsoft SharePoint as data source;jsessionid=58872EBE9D683D863D1323A2BA8F8100

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How to access Delta Table on Azure BlobStore from Denodo

Hi, I stored my delta tables on Azure Blob Storage. Now I want to access these tables from Denodo. Alternatively, I tried Simba connector to connect Azure DataBricks tables, and that works fine. But that does not show the Blob Store Tables. Ideally Sim...

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Files present in mount directory but not seen in ADLS container in azure portal UI

I am trying to export denodo view to ADLSv2. I am able to do the below things without any issues using Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper connected to ADLSv2 container to read csv file from container created data source and base view i...

Denodo on Azure BLOB azure blobl storage CSV Export Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 azure


Export denodo views to ADLS (AZURE DATA LAKE)

I am using denodo 7.0 in on-prem, i want to export a denodo views such as base view, derived view,etc as xlsx file, parquet, avro to azure blob storage in ADLS. Pls advice. thanks!

Denodo on Azure BLOB azure blobl storage DENODO Export Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2


Insert a field in a SQLServer with DEFAULT value

Hi, How i insert a field in a SQLServer with DEFAULT as the value in the timestamp in write back? I need insert in Sqlserver table a field like that: catalogo_id = 'CATALOGO_ID' :'java.sql.Blob' (OPT) (sourcetypesize='8', sourcetypeid='-2', sourcetyp...



BLOB Field - [BINARY DATA] - Help Displaying field

Hello, I have a view I created that is pulling its data from tables in a postgreSQL. One of the fields has the output type of "BLOB" and in the field...instead of the values, "[BINARY DATA]" is shown. When I would come across this issue in the past in ...



Issue type casting BLOB to XML Data Columns

Hi , I am trying to extract the XML data from Blob column in oracle database. I was refreing the below solution to convert blob to XML data. but still I am getting the error. ‘cast($1 as $0) -> Cast to xml not supported in Oracle’. XML Data in B...