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Re-deploy of multiple web services with Denodo Scheduler

Hi! I'm looking to create a job in which we can redeploy multiple views using denodo scheduler. So far, we have tested the following query in Denodo scheduler: redeploy webservice xxx; redeploy webservice xxxx; However, so far the jobs that we have ...

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REST Webservice as DataSource with optional parameters

I am using a REST Webservice as a Datasource. To get the data, the Webservice GET function takes three Parameters "accountingClientId", "customerId" and "invoiceId". The first two are mandatory, the third is optional. I managed to do this by using ^Exe...

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How can I rename a REST web service?

How can I rename a REST Web Service I created in Denodo?

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how to change localhost to hostname or IP on webservices

We have denodo 8.0 on windows environment. When we deploy the webservices, it points to localhost. I could see the option available for changing from localhost to hostname or IP under control center -> Configure - > JVM Options -> RMIhost ht...

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Compounding a derived view

Hello, I am working on duplicating the behavior of an API, it works pretty good, all the fields are mapped etc. However, the in-place API expose the data after structuring it : { "cat1": { "a":"toto", "b":"titi" }, "cat2" :{ "c":"tata" } } while the d...

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Denodo Rest webservice throwing error after Denodo upgrade 7 to 8

Hi Team, Some of the denodo Rest webservices throwing error after Denodo upgrade 7 to 8 while accessing it There was an error while generating this response: Connection error: Check the host name and port number are correct, and that client and serve...

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Get all JSON results from restful webservice

I have the following URL that is return JSON format for one of my views: http://mycompany:9090/denodo-restfulws/hcc_dv/views/mytestview/?$format=JSON However, it only returns the first 25 rows. I have tried every conceivable varitation to get all 150 ...

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POST Rest Webservice Failling

Hi, I am using the sample stored procedureCalculateAvgRevenue . I created a rest webservice. http://localhost:9090/server/tutorial/p_getrev/views/p_getrev POST with X-HTTP-Method-Override GET below request works JSON Request { “$filter”:”taxid_list...

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Rest Webservice Failling

Hi, I am using the sample stored procedureCalculateAvgRevenue .I created a rest webservice. Below GET works http://localhost:9090/server/tutorial/p_getrev/views/p_getrev?taxid_list={ ROW( '1') } But POST with X-HTTP-Method-Override is throwing error Th...

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Single WS call needs to execute 2 separate update statements.

hi there I have a single web service call that needs to execute 2 store procedures on 2 separate sql services. Is this possible? Thank you in advance. Regards

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