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Format date datatype

I am using denodo studio version 8 and we are doing POC where trying to match capabilities between our current DV tool with denodo. in current dv tool we have syntax to parse date coming with AM, PM to date(mm/dd/yyyy) format and I amtrying to do the s...

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Date Data Type Issue

Hi Team, Please share Denodo 6.0 Manaul URL where I can read about Denodo Data types I have a SQL Server Table, which has fields in date data type. When I create base view, those date fields are converted to text. Why ? How to keep them in date ...

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non-ANSI data types

Hallo Denodo Team, Some Databases (Teradata for one) add non-ANSI extensions to the set of available data types. Is there a way to predict with certainty how such types would be translated into Denodo types at “base view creation time”? Thank you in...



Join attributes of different (compatible) types across different data sources

Hallo Denodo Team, Suppose you need to join tables from different data sources (say Oracle and Teradata). Suppose the matching should happen between attributes that have different data types (say VARCHAR(N) on one side, NVARCHAR(m) on the other side, ...

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Datatype Issue while creating a base view from SQL Server

I have a table in Sql server with a column of date datatype. For this instance : Create table table_name ( dob date ) ; I have created base view on top of this table. But in base view, datatype of dob as text datatype in denodo which is not expected...

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when i load the date field in denodo it shows like 'wed dec 17 00:00:00 IST 1980' but i have given only 'yyyy-MM-dd' in database. How to display date with format 'yyyy-MM-dd' in date datatype only as when i am using formatdate() function it changes the...

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