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remove all _0 from field names on new base view

we have config turned on where if a field is renamed because of space or special characters it appends underscore 0 to the end of the field name, we want to keep that feature on but I have a view of like 100 fields and half of them have it. Is there a...

Base view Vql shell Rename


creating a base view off of a working script in VQL Shell

I have the following code that is working to produce a result but I am not 100% sure how to turn it into a baseview that I can join against another existing view. select * from (select * from hcc_dv_dev.bv_ctigeneral_s3_ldap_matrix_regionsector)a RIGH...

select query Vql shell Create Base View


Setting CONTEXT ('formatted' = 'yes') as default?

Is there a way I can have the system, by defult, add "CONTEXT ('formatted' = 'yes')" to the end of a derived view when I use the VQL Shell to create views, instead of having to write it out at the end of every script?

VQL vql shell context formatting


Workaround for double quotes around database name in queries

I'm trying to see how I can configure my database to not need the double quotes around the database name when using queries in the VQL Shell. I realize there is a Restricted vs Unicode configuration that I think I've turned on, but I'm still having to ...

Denodo 8.0 double quote Vql shell Database unicode


VQL statement and visual query formatting

Hi, I am wondering if there is a tool or add-on similar to that of RedGate SQL formatting capability to facilitate vql code debugging. The vql formatting appears to be lost when exporting vql code from the VDP admin tool.

Vql shell format vql


vql shell command to VCS commit and VCS push?

Hi team, I understand we have VCS vql shell command for pull (DVCSPULL DBELEMENTS database_name), do we have the same for VCS commit and VCS push operation?

vql shell VCS push VCS commit


python to run vql shell (select , create view, desc view)

Hi Team, I am using python to connect Denodo ad want to run some vql, I am using JDBC connection to connect denodo with python library "jaydebeapi", when I ran some select vql query, it works. But I encounter below two problems, can you help check: ...

vql shell python create view desc view


Does Denodo has the command to change the view's cache mode ? eg, from cache "Off" to "Partial", or cache "Off" to "Full"

Does Denodo has the command to change the view's cache mode ? eg, from cache "Off" to "Partial", or cache "Off" to "Full" . Thanks, we need this kind of command for some aotumation tasks. Not want to do it from VDP client.

vql shell cache mode store procedure


vql shell command or existing store procedure to gathering statistics

Do we have some exsiting vql shell command or store procedure which is for stastics gathering, we want to use some command to do the statistics gathering. Thanks.

vql shell Gather Statistics


vql shell to return all the views under some folder

Do we have vql shell that can return all the object name under one folder, including view, associations or folder? The purpose is to get all the object under one folder by script, such as python script. Thanks.

vql shell view name