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Using functions in parameter mappings in the Exporter section

I have defined a parameter mapping in my JDBC exporter. When trying to convert the field _$job_starttime to datetime I get the following error: Group0#JDBCExporter0: Document 1: Incorrect syntax near ')'. Is it not possible to use functions in the "D...

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Throwing Error in VDP Job Query in Scheduler

Hello, I am working on creating a job inside of Denodo Scheduler that will throw error if a specfic condition is false. Example: CASE WHEN(foo < bar) THEN [throw error] ELSE [keep going]. The reason I am doing this is because I need this job to be ...

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Retry unless Date_Column date matches with CURRENT_DATE()

I want to create a VDP job in scheduler which must keep retrying unless the column returns a row which is equal to CURRENT_DATE() select count(*) from Table where Date_Column = CURRENT_DATE() This query must get completed in scheduler only if the cou...

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Cached data getting deleted as soon as it is done caching in SQL database

Hello, I am trying to cache the data using scheduler. There are around 30 views to be cached. 23 of them are having less data (around 10000 all together) and 7 of them are having heavy data (around 80000000 rows all together). So I created two VDPCach...

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Scheduler - Jobs

In Scheduler project has multiple jobs, i want to export only one job . is it possible , how?



Issues in scheduling an email in scheduler

Hello, I was trying to send email using scheduler and when I try to add the smtp information in the 'Edit mail configuration' settings (in denodo 6 update 20160429), I get the following errors. Could you please suggest how to go about it. | SMTP Serv...

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Generating Statistic for views through scheduler

Hi, I want to copy the views from Test environment to Production , thought of using DESC VQL VIEWSTATSUMMARY viewname on test and used its output in prod. I want to perform this for all views through scheduler. My Test and Production are same. Can you ...

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Services getting killed

Hi, Many of Denodo services getting stopped after starting.Checked the log got info as "win service stop - timeout 30000" So even changed the config file as per

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Start a scheduler job from a batch file

Is it possible to automate the starting of a scheduler job from a batch file? We have a deployment where we need to re-run cache loading jobs following a deployment, and I would like to include this in my deployment script so we don't forget to run the...



Denodo Scheduler services

Hi, I am unable to start scheduler services from services.msc, but in control center scheduler server seem to be running. When i checked scheduler log i saw "Scheduler Server: server could not be started: Another instance of Derby may have already boot...

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