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Limitations on derived view (JOIN)

Hi All, we have derived view (JOIN) created with 15 tables (14 joins) and planning add additional logic which will bring 10-15 joins additonally . Could you please let me know if there will be any limitaion on that ? Thanks, Ravi

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Delegating HASH Joins

I've got a derived view that is re-used in mutiple views. I've identified the code on the sql server side would be most effective at a specified HASH Join. How do I get Denodo to deligate a HASH join to the database (SQLServer)? I've specified a HASH j...

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Records missing in a derived view, but the data exists in those base views or the source tables even after applying the same join conditions which are being used in derived view.

Hi All, I am encountering this wierd scenario in denodo. 3 records are not displaying when I query based on the name, and 3 records are being displayed when I query based on the id from the derived view. Denodo version: denodo platform 5.5 I have ta...

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