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Denodo Union / Sort Merge Performance Issue

I currently have two derived views, say D1 and D2, that are unioned together to create D3. I originally had an issue with both D1 and D2 which involved a sort merge. Both D1 and D2 are a join of two base views; each ran very well when I had a date fil...

performance sort merge UNION


Records missing in a derived view, but the data exists in those base views or the source tables even after applying the same join conditions which are being used in derived view.

Hi All, I am encountering this wierd scenario in denodo. 3 records are not displaying when I query based on the name, and 3 records are being displayed when I query based on the id from the derived view. Denodo version: denodo platform 5.5 I have ta...

hash join missing records resultset derived view sort merge not same with different where conditions