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How to - Store encrypted VCS user's password in vdp config?

Hi, Is there a way to encrypt a VCS user's password before storing them in the $DENODO_HOME/conf/vdp/ I can see that there is a configuration setting of storing encrypted password in the config file com.denodo.vdb.vdbinte...

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EncryptPassword.getClearPassword() doesnt seem to work

I want to store Encypted password in my config file, before sending it to Scheduler Manager to establish a connection. I used the script: 'encrypt_passowrd.bat' 'my_password_to_be_encrypted' And it did generate an encrypted string for me. I used this ...

encrypt_password.bat java code


Passing encrypted username and password to Denodo Web service

Hi, I'm trying to encrypt my Denodo VDP's username and password using encrypt_password.bat and passing it to a webservice on the browser. The encrypted creds doesn't seem to be working. Is there a way I can pass the encrypted string over the browser di...