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Linux: ODBC Driver: Query result on a column got truncated

ODBC Driver Version: denodo-vdp-odbcdriver-8.0-update-20230914-linux Linux: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS On Windows, below query returns data without any truncation. (Note it contains Japanese character in the result) SQL Query: select "col1" from "test"."tabl...

Linux Denodo 8 ODBC


How to install Denodo 8 linix Client

Hi team, I want to install denodo 8 linix client, I got the package "denodo-install-client-8.0", how can I install that on my linux machine? Please guide, we are eager for the answer. Also, after install this package on my linux machine, can I get impo...

Denodo 8 linux client


About Denodo 7 and Denodo 8 Linux JDBC driver

Hi team, I have some python script which use linix JDBC driver to run some vql to Denodo 7, now our Denodo upgrade to Denodo 8, Can i understand the Denodo 7 JDBC driver cannot run vql like create/delete Denodo objects to Denodo 8? If I want to run vql...

Denodo 8 linux JDBC Driver


Installing Denodo Platform on Linux boxes

Hello All, I am new to Denodo and interested to learn denodo from scratch, so to do so I am looking for denodo installer for cloud platform. Could anyone help me where to get installer for 64 bit linux ? Thanks in Advance!!

Linux aws free-trial new installation


Denodo to Informatica PowerCenter through DenodoODBC driver

Hi, I am trying to create a connection from Denodo to Informatica PowerCenter. I tried connecting with DataDirect 7.0 PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver which was unsuccessful(the connection works locally and I was able to import Denodo data source in m...

ODBC Linux Informatica


ODBC with SAP HANA in Linux

Hello, In a linux server I have installed Denodo, and I need to create a ODBC datasource to connect with SAP HANA, and I readed that I need to use SAP HANA 2.0 ODBC driver. How can I configure Denodo and how can I create the datasource?

ODBC SAP Linux SAP BW/4HANA DataSource


Migrate Denodo objects from on-prem to AWS cloud (Linux) server

Hi Team, How to migrate Denodo objects from on-prem to AWS cloud (Linux) server. Please share us the documents to do it.

Linux onpremise and AWS cloud


Denodo on linux 64bit cli (without headless GUI) - how to use web ui?

I installed Denodo on linux cli (not headless), have pointed java home to a 1.8 JRE. Have setup licence and started Can see these processes running: userhere 8130 1 0 15:25 ? 00:01:04 /home/bfs/userhere/applications/tools/jre1.8....

Linux Virtual DataPort v6.0 Denodo server starting trouble. Virtual DataPort


Access PDF, Excel files with VDP installed in Linux

Hi: If VDP is installed in a Linux platform, can we still utilize the Aracne and ITPilot modules to access Excel, PDF, and unstructured data? The installation talks about ITpilot and Aracne need for Windows, but please help us understand if there is w...

Linux Aracne ITPILOT