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Conversion of Teradata Text Column to Decimal with Conditional Zeroing in Denodo

I am currently facing a challenge in Denodo related to the conversion of a Teradata column named "Amount" with a data type of Text. The goal is to convert this column to Decimal to do sum operations. Additionally, I want to handle cases where the colum...

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Text to decimal with Impala as source in Denodo

Hi, Im currently facing conversion challenge while using Impala as the source for denodo, while converting text to decimal. In teradata we are successfully using to_number for this conversion , but the same approach doesnt working with impala in denod...

Teradata Query Banding datatype Text to decimal Data Type Conversion DataSource


Join is not recognizing the same data (type text) in the fields and returning null values

I have 2 views. Each of this view has a field unit with the type text. I want to join these 2 views over this unit field. When I tried to do it though, I realized that somehow Denodo doesn't find matching values. So it returns an empty view. The ty...

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MongoDB Custom Wrapper - Type Conversion (Object, String)

Hi everyone, I have some issues with data type conversion while using the MongoDB Custom Wrapper. The following example Data illustrates the issue. /* 1 */ { "_id" : ObjectId("5f22f0c2754d8395a9b0acb9"), "Id" : "00Qi000000Jr44XEAR", "Nam...

Type Conversion Custom Connector Data Type Conversion Error Handling mongodb


DATE fields being converted to TIMESTAMP in Denodo.

While creating base views from data source (oracle), denodo converts all DATE fields to TIMESTAMP. When we try to access these date fields from any JDBC client in our case 'DBeaver' we get these fields as TIMESTAMP and not 'DATE' fields. Is there a way...

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Column precision error for decimals

I'm getting below error when I execute my final view. This view contain more then 130 columns which I've made change for 'Decimals' Is there a way I can find that specific column because of which I'm getting this error. Finished with error: Error exec...

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Floating points not recognized correctly

Hi guys, I'm working with VDP 7.0 and I have this CSV file that amongst other airport-related data contains latitude and longitude information. Here's a sample row of the dataset so you don't have to download the whole file: 34,"Castlegar/West Koote...

CSV data types Data Type Conversion locale


How to convert @LASTCACHEREFRESH to long type as YYMMDDHHMMSS?

My source is DB2 and the last updated field type is long as YYMMDDHHMMSS formate. I want to use the full cache-> incremental query->condition to retrive the changed data, how to do it?

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Converting ORACLE Data Data Type to Integer in Denodo

Hi, I am using an ORACLE table as my data source and need to convert DATE data type to integer format (YYYYMMDD). I tried using the syntax below and getting an error in Denodo. CAST(CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), address_01_filtered.add_from, 112) AS INTEGER) ...

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