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Performance Benchmark deck of Denodo with respect to TPC DS

We have seen in Denodo KB/Community that all Performance Use Cases performed by Denodo are mostly using TPC-DS dataset which is standard benchmark(TPC-DS Homepage) defined by this org. We are looking for some Performance Benchmark deck of Denodo with r...

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Performance Issue when Running a query for one solution

I'm having a performance issue on the devlopment server for one solution when running a certain query. Here are some details: The query was running OK, and suddently it has performance issue The query is an left outter join of a view to itself (e...



Is it possible to track a database over a certain period of time with DENODO?

We wonder if it is possible to track a database over a given period of time, using any specific DENODO functionality, for performance analysis and operational statistics purposes.

Denodo Monitor performance Analytical Analytic Functions (Window Functions) Statistics


Performance Issues with many Columns, MongoDB source

Hello dear Denodo team, I have a question regarding the performance of a view based on a MongoDB data source. The base view in question has about 2.7 million records and 256 columns. Running the query SELECT max(date) FROM ; I tried several things...

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Isolated query of a joint view

Hello, is it possible to solve the following scenario: I have two views with different sources, which I would like to join (a push-down is therefore not possible). I want to join these views and make them available for reporting. However, the reportin...

Denodo 8.0 performance join


Poor performance for jdbc and json array type join

Hi, I observered a poor performance for a join between a jdbc type view and json array. individually when queried they are running fast but when we do a join it's performance degrades. Can you suggest how to improve performance ? Also i see 347 subp...

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Issue in select clause while executing joined tables from teradata and SAP Hana

Hi, I have joined tables from teradata and SAP Hana, i was able to execute the view and get data if i add a where clause in the query. but when i run select * from table query it is running for a long time and throws error as 'error in join'. also not...

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Denodo Union / Sort Merge Performance Issue

I currently have two derived views, say D1 and D2, that are unioned together to create D3. I originally had an issue with both D1 and D2 which involved a sort merge. Both D1 and D2 are a join of two base views; each ran very well when I had a date fil...

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Oracle DB enforce parallelism

Hi Team, We are facing issues while fetching data from Oracle DB, which is taking longer time than usual. When checking with DB team, they suggested to use below(with parallel option) while running a select command. I tried to run the same manually an...

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Performance Bench Marks

I'm currently seeing performance issues when we run quiries extracting data from tables with multimilliion records. The data movement is slow and cpu consumption is quite high during the query execution. As a first step, I would like to compare it to t...

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