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What all the different conditions that can be applied in Rules

What all conditions can be applied in Rules , I know some rules like username = 'xxxx' (roles).value in('xxxx') access_interface = 'JDBC' what more conditions can be applied and where can I find all the conditions

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In Resource Manager, section "Plan", what it "Add variable values to the query context" is used for?

By the way, we see there is an option in the "Plans", called "Add variable vaues to the query context", what it is used for? can we use it in our requirement? can we add some specifc cotext to query and make some query which does not confirm the rule r...

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Questions about Define Rule/Plan in Resource Manager

Hi Team, We want to define a rule that when users run query for some views, it needs to add filters on 2 specific columns, otherwise their query will be stopped. Can you have soe custom message when query stopped like: need to filter data with columns ...

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Condition statement examples for resource manager rule

CONDITION ''user_name=''testusr'" can we specify like this or only True or false to restrict only for a specific user. In

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VQL statement for Resource Manager rule or plan

Please share some examples/link related to VQL statement for creating resource manager rule/plan. Eg. RESOURCE MANAGER PLAN CREATE OR REPLACE RESOURCE_MANAGER PLAN "RMPLAN1" DESRIPTION = "TEST" CONDITION " " ACTION "" RESOURCE MANAGER RULE CREATE OR...

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Error editing resource manager rule: field not found 'roles' in view with schema

Hi All, When trying to create a rule in resource manager using roles.value condition getting error like below: Error editing resource manager rule: field not found 'roles' in view with schema Same seems to work in dev environment but not in UAT.

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Resource Manager - Limit per user

I did this configuration in my resource manger and didn't worked. for exemple, I intent to have maximum 5 queries per user and not maximum 5 queries running in the server. what's happening for my is: user 1: running 2 queries user 2: running 2 quer...

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About the access of rules in Resource Manager

Hi team, We have requirment: we have a denodo role group (such as the same is role_aaa), we want to define a rule that only want to apply to this role_aaa, which let the query sent from this role group, its runtime cannot exceeds 5 minutes. what I set ...

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is there any way to notify end user (like fail query) if his query response has been restricted using resource manager.

hi , we would like to restrict the number of days of data to be returned from a time series table. based on response from denodo team they suggested resource manager could be one of option to achieve it. but problem is it doesnt fail the query rather i...

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Document on Resource Manager

Hi, Can you please share the link where i can find the documents on Resource manager so that i can lear more about it

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