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We need info for denodo jars

Hi team, Please provide or let me know where can I find artifactid, groupid, version, type for the below jars FYI we are using Denodo Platform 7.0 20200310 denodo-vdp-parser.jar denodo-vdp-server.jar denodo-customs-common.jar Thanks in Adv...

DENODO Denodo Jar


Denodo doesn't recognize local file within stored procedure

I have denodo platform 8.0 running on EC2 installed using cloudformation template as per the installation guide by Denodo. I am trying to create a custom stored proc which has to read a license file (locally saved inside /opt/denodo/denodo-platform8.0/...

Logging Custom stored procedure ERROR_HANDLING Custom Functions License File Denodo Jar


How do I find the denodo-incremental-cache-load-{vdpversion}-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar file on the support site?

I know the denodo-incremental-cache-load-{vdpversion}-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar file is on the support website because I found another user's question that has that bit of information in it (

Incremental Cache Cache Denodo Jar


Denodo7 hibernate jar not found

As per Denodo documentation Hibernate jar is available under /dist folder in the installation directory. But we couldn't found the folder /dist in our Denodo7 installation directory. Requesting your support on this issue

Hibernate Denodo Jar


error when committing changes

Using version 6.0 of Denodo and I encounter the following error when trying to commit the changes about the Jar file This operation cannot inlcude non-modified, non-marked-for-deletion out of sync elements. Update these elements again or alternatively,...

commit Error Denodo Jar


Documentation on Denodo .jar files

Hi, Are there any documents on how to use the classes contained in the denodo jar files? All I have been able to find is in the denodo home docs location. It doesn't contain documentation on all of the denodo libraries. Thanks!

Denodo Jar


Denodo Jar get conflicts with Play Framework Jar

Hi Group, I am using : Latest version of play framework wi.-> 2.3.5 Latest version of Denodo -> 5.5 win Denodo is using Apache Common Codec 1.3 whereas Play is using few new methods introduced in Apacahe Common Codec 1.4 (E.g. Caused by: java.lang....

Play Framework Denodo Jar