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Month integer to Month name

I have a column with values of month numbers called "month" 01 02 03 I want the results to be of months name Jan Feb Mar, How to achieve this

date formatdate monthinteger monthtext


Format date datatype

I am using denodo studio version 8 and we are doing POC where trying to match capabilities between our current DV tool with denodo. in current dv tool we have syntax to parse date coming with AM, PM to date(mm/dd/yyyy) format and I amtrying to do the s...

formatdate datatypes


Data catalog change timestamp type fields format

Hello, Currently when we query views containing fields of type "timestamp" in our Data Catalog, the data in these fields is formated in an odd way like the following example: Mon Dec 05 09:52:00 2005 When querying the same view through the VDP...

formatdate Data Catalog formatting timestamp