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auto create base_view , auto union them

As I'm french speaking with I bad english, I write in french and include an english translation (by GGTranslate). Voici le scénario que je voudrais mettre en oeuvre. Partie 1 Je veux réaliser une union view qui reprend ce qui se trouve dans des base...

Automation Excel Sharepoint list Base View configuration UNION


How to verify '%Trace' in the DENODOTEST file

I have been reading through the documentation of Trace directive in Denodo Testing Tool. I need to access the 'staticO' element in my trace file. When I am accessing the 'staticO' element in the .DENDOTEST file by using the following code 'PLAN ABC.PLA...

Automation Denodo Testing Tool DENODO #automation_testing


How to test Access Protocols in DENODOTEST file.

In DENODOTEST, I need to test the JDBC access protocol that is present in the file. e.g. "jdbc:vdb://<localhost>:<portNumber>/<databaseName>". Is there any information about testing protocols in DENODO? The co...

Automation DENODO #automation_testing


Automating creation of base views using Generate VQL Script and Get Source Table stored procs

Good day, I have been trying to combine the Generate VQL Script to Create Base View and Get Source Tables stored procs to automate the creation of my views for all tables in a range of schema's from a DB2 datawarehouse. I was provide a sample from the...

Automation Create Base View


Automate integrating VDP into Solution manager

Hi Team, We are in the process of integrating VDP in Solution manager through Solution manager REST API.I already went thru this link



How can we automate deployment process through Jenkins

Hi Team, Can anyone provide solution for automate denodo deployment process through Jenkins.

Jenkins Automation automate


Denodo 7.0 DevOps - Automated or Unattended Code Deployments

Has anyone had success integrated a VCS like GIT and performning DevOps like deployment practices? Ideally, i would be able to initiation a build and release using git and deploy without any user interaction.

Denodo 7.0 Automation Promotions Code Deployment


How to schedule a job to fetch data from an external source (tool) using XML API?

Can you please step down the process on how to schedule an XML API to fetch data from an external source(tool)?

Automic scheduler automation XML XML Data Source Denodo Scheduler 7.0 API


How to store password authentication and re-utilize again and again

Hi Team, I am connectining VDP with multiple data source in Linux. My data source are csv file , xml file and excel sheet While connecting I am using below SFTP method to connect sftp:// sftp...



How to export VQL from one instance of Denodo to another instance of Denodo automatically or using some script?

We have 2 instances of Denodo (say Dev and QA). Is there a way to deploy the VQLs from Dev environment to QA environment automatically or using some scripts?

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