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Downloading an image from page without extracting URL

Is there anyway to download an image from a website and download it into a folder on a local computer? I see that there is an option to "Click and..." convert to Word, Pdf, and Excel but not an image. I know that it is possible to extract the URL of...

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Problem with passing in ID field

Hello, I am attempting to find an element by Xpath via the id. When the syntax is not passing anything in it looks like this and works fine: FindElementByXPath(//LI[\@id = "dc_region_chzn_o_11")]); FireEventOnSelectedElement(onmousemove>onmouseover>...

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How to send a Post back to an iframe without opening

I am attempting to scrape a website with an iframe disclaimer that must click a link and then select Accept on the iframe disclaimer. This worked fine in ie 9 but the frame does not open up on ie 11 when the wrapper is running. I was wondering if th...

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Error "Asking a question"

Typing 114 characters and receive this error message "description: The maximum field length is 32000 characteres"



Find Element by Beginning of ID or Name

Hello, I am trying to find an element which is a textbox by name or id. The last 5 digits of the ID and name change daily.(example below) I was wondering if there is a way to FindElement that starts with, or contains, or islike a certain phrase rat...

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"denodo-restfulws" page not found error

I have been following the instructions in exploring RESTful web services from the denodo community site. But when i try to access the Denodo using RESTfull webservice(http://localh...

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Download using WGET

Hello, I would like to download the Denodo Express edition on Linix 64BIT OS directly using WGET utility. Any idea how I can do so? Thanks, SB

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Is it possible to send the 'distinct' modifier via web service?

Sometimes we want distinct elements returned, sometimes we don't. Is it possible to use a single view but send the 'distinct' modified via the web service? Or do we need to create another view that includes the distinct modifier? Thank you!

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Is it possible to modify the file (or any other config file) of the Denodo installation?

Hello, We have the useDecimal property set to "true" on all our servers, but every time a developer installs Denodo they have to remember to change this. Is it possible to change the default setting so that every new install gets the correct value fo...

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Definition of Denodo

What does Denodo mean? Is it Spanish?

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