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About Oracle Clob columns shown properly in Denodo when group by

Hi team, we have clob column sourced from oracle table, when group by this clob column in Denodo, we will get error “ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB” , so we add cast function to this column, and the group by can run properly. bu...

clob group by in Denodo


Column values concatenation

Hi Team, I'm looking for ways to concatenate two or more row values using the "|" separator. I found and used the GROUP_CONCATE() function, but it doesn't work for me using the "DISTINCT" clause. Here is an example of a working and non-working query:...

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MAX function for int field - filter for the result?

is there an easy way to set a filter to only keep the max value for a field based on two other columns? is greating a group by view with the max first and joining that to the baseview the only way to accomplish this? There are two fields that make th...

max function Aggregate Group By


Denodo Data Catalog.v.7.0: Request for Having Clause

Denodo Data Catalog. Version 7.0 According to the Denodo 7 provides HAVING clause for filtering conditions on the results returned by a query...

Having clause Data Catalog Denodo Data Catalog. Version 7.0 Group By